Women’s Agronomy in the Field

January 14, 2020 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Women landowners, farmers and ag retailers will have the opportunity to meet on December 17 to learn more about crop inputs and the research that supports a return on investment to look at maximizing bushels or profitability through this distance-learning session of Agronomy in the Field.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach’s Agronomy in the Field for Women will be offered in Mahaska County beginning at 6 pm. Sessions are typically 90 minutes long. In addition, to the Mahaska County office hosting the distance-learning session, women can also join online from the comfort of their own home or watch the recorded session at a later date.

Any interested women who would like to participate should contact Mahaska County Extension office at 641-673-5841 or email Suzette Striegel at striegel@iastate.edu. To participate from home contact agronomyinthefield@iastate.edu, to receive access to web-conferencing and resource materials. There is no cost to participate.

Sessions will be offered throughout the 2019-2020 winter. Sessions are as follows:

Dec. 17 – Farming for Bushels or Profitability?
Jan. 14 – Alternative Crops and Markets
Feb. 18 – Growing Season Weather Outlook and Weather Resources
March 17 – Planning for Successful Implementation of a Herbicide Program Resources
April 7 – Early Season Scouting Tips and Tricks

Information and upcoming dates are also available on the Integrated Crop Management website.

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