Add Your Events to the Calendar

Everything Mahaska Calendar will be moving to Mahaska Chamber’s website soon to better serve the Mahaska Community!
Stay tuned!


  1. Your business or organization can add items directly to the calendar by using the “Add Event” link which is located at the top left of the full size calendar on the Calendar Page.
  2. Events must be open to attendance by anyone, resident or visitor.
  3. Please include contact phone number or email in the body of your event!
  4. Events that do not contain contact information (phone number and/or email) and location details may not be approved for publication.
  5. Personal events (such as garage sales, family reunions, weddings, etc.) will not be approved.
  6. All events are subject to an approval process before going live to the site. The approval process takes 24-28 hours.
  7. It is suggested that items be submitted at least one week in advance.
  8. The Everything Mahaska Administrative team has the right to refuse or accept events for live posting at its discretion.

Please remember to include contact information in the body of your event. Failure to do so may result in your event being denied publication.

  1. Click the “Add Event” link which is found near the upper left-hand corner of the full calendar on the primary calendar page. A new window will open. (Note: Settings for pop-up blockers may have to be adjusted.)
  2. At the top of the new windows, you will see four tabs: General Information, Location, Organizer, Repeat Rate. Hitting SAVE at the bottom of the window after filling out the required fields will save the event and generate a notification to the Web Site Content Coordinator for review.
  3. EVENT TITLE is a required field. Click in the field below the “Event Title” and type in the name of your event.
  4. FROM and TO are required fields. They refer to start date and time (From) and end date and time (To):
    1. Click in the field below the label “From.”
    2. A calendar window will open. Select (click) the date of your event from the calendar which appears. If necessary, use the arrow at the top of the calendar window to advance the calendar to a different month.
    3. Select a time from the right scrolling area. It utilizes a 24-hours clock and only shows on-the-hour but the minutes can be changed by highlighting the 00 and then typing the correct minute start time.
    4. Click in the field below the label “To” and following the same steps as outlined in the bulleted items above for your event’s ending date and time.
  5. The “Event Description” is not required to hit the SAVE button, but the administrative team may require details about your event before it gets approved. This field allows you to add details about the event. Events that do not have contact or location information may be deleted at the administrative team’s discretion.
  6. Select a category for your event by clicking in the square next to the category which best fits your event. Though more than one category can be selected, the last category selected will determine the event’s color on the calendar. Having more than one category selected means the event will show up in more than one filter if a site visitor utilizes the filters option.
  7. Please leave the event URL field blank. If you have a web site or a face book page for your event, please place it in the “Event Description” field.
  8. Event Video and Event Tags are both optional fields. Tags are used for searching purposes and, if used, should be used with discretion and separated by commas.
  9. Location Tab: Filling out information on this tap is optional as long as you have included location information in your description. If you want to utilize the Google Map option, click on the “Location” tab at the top of the pop-up window and fill out information fields listed. There is a list of Venue (locations) already established if you want to select from the drop down menu.
  10. Organizer Tab: If you will be providing regular items and want site visitors to be able to search by your organization name, click on the Organizer Tab and either (a) select your organization or (b) complete information about a new organizer.
  11. Repeat Rate Tab: The ‘Don’t Repeat’ option is selected by default. If your event is held more than one time, selecting (clicking in the squares next to the repeat options) will open up new fields allowing for detailed information regarding the repeat rate of your event.
  12. FINAL STEP: Click “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the window.
  13. Any inappropriate information or language provided in any blank field will not be tolerated. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Web Site Content Manager, 641.673.7533.